For Financial Institutions

Institutional Adoption Starts Here

Institutional demand has never been greater. The market is now equipped with institutional-grade security infrastructure, clearer regulations, and a proven DeFi ecosystem. Tap into the transformative potential of digital assets with a custodian that understands the needs of a financial institution.

Who We Serve


Asset Managers

Exchange Traded Funds

Hedge Funds

VC Funds

Insurance Companies

Pension Funds

Sovereign Wealth Funds


Brokerage Firms


Hex Safe

A Bank-grade Platform
for Managing Digital Assets

Bank-Grade Workflows
Multi-Wallet Infrastructure
Transaction Policies
Integrated Compliance
Connectivity Interfaces
Market-Leading Security
Hex Safe ⟩

Compliance-Focused Services

We offer a full suite of services to integrate digital assets with your business operations, adapting to the fast-paced market while meeting strict compliance standards.

The Institutional
Gateway to Digital Assets.

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