Hex Trust at Binance SAFU Hackathon Singapore 2019

Hex Trust at Binance SAFU Hackathon Singapore 2019

January 30, 2019

The dev team at Hex Trust placed 2nd at the SAFU Pre-Hackathon in Hong Kong & in the Top 6 Finalist of the Final SAFU Hackathon in Singapore. 🎉

From 19–22 Jan 2019 Binance held a two-day hackathon during the Binance Blockchain Week. 20+ teams were selected to showcase their applications that aim to identify cryptocurrency wallet addresses which are involved in scams or frauds.

Is the transaction address you are sending your crypto to SAFU?”

With the theme ‘Query Platform for Address Security: Is the transaction address you are sending your crypto to SAFU?’, the Binance SAFU Hackathon encouraged long-term, sustainable growth of the blockchain industry, calling top developers from around the world to build a safer community where users are protected from scams, hackers and money laundering.

The announcement of Hex Trust being placed in the top 6 teams


The team developed a decentralized network for address verification and scoring, called “Armadillo”. In the center of the application is a powerful browser extension, that checks for dangerous addresses, powered by a crowd intelligence network.

Focusing on unique user experience & interface design the team created a product that is easy to use for both the general public and industry experts.

Browser Extension DApp UX: Seamless access to address scores and information, Photo credit: Hex Trust

Using the browser plugin, individuals have a seamless experience as they are not required to copy and paste wallet addresses into a specific website; they can see the addresses directly highlighted on their screen with basic information about that address.

Plugin screens overview, Photo credit: Hex Trust

In addition to usual statistical and machine learning methods, our team used crowd sourced intelligence and identity verification to improve the reliability of scores. “Armadillo” also acts as a certification authority for wallets, exchanges and any businesses that generate addresses, tagging them as certified addresses. The plugin provides transparency storing address verification and scoring data on EOS blockchain. “ARMA” ERC-20 tokens are used for incentivizing positive participation and reputation staking. Lastly, the application provides an open API to certify addresses and querying of address scores.


The team combines engineers and designers from different nationalities and technology backgrounds: Germany, Poland, South Korea, the United States, and Hong Kong.

Rafal Czerniawski

Having 30 years of experience in Fintech and Banking Technology, Rafal took the project management role. He didn’t let the team lose their focus and supported them with clear and wise technology decisions.

Cloudgen Wong

Cloudgen has 20+ years of experience in Software Engineering and has an in-depth understanding of blockchain technology. He created the plugin extension and spent countless hours in calculating and experimenting with the address scores.

Jennifer Jäger

Jennifer is a UX / UI Design and simplified all the ideas of the team into one solution. She created clear user flows with a pen & paper approach and gave the plugin an appealing and attractive design.

Jin Young Park

Jin Young is a Software Developer and conducted extensive research about blockchain smart contracts and scalability solutions. She not only developed an EOS smart contract that stores user’s reputation but also presented the team’s idea in the final pitch.

Vivian Kwan

Vivian is a Full Stack Engineer primarily focusing on backend development. She has practical experience in working with the latest blockchain technology and is the bitcoin guru of the team. She transformed the design wireframes into the final product.

Abhinav Goyal

Abhinav is a Software Developer who supported the team in the Pre-Hackathon in Hong Kong. He focused on the backend development and spent the nights creating databases and algorithm to provide safer address verification.

More than 100 talented blockchain developers participated in the 32-hour Binance SAFU Hackathon


Join the growing team at Hex Trust! We're looking for a diverse group of ambitious and motivated people who believe in…

  1. We hire people who are great at something
  2. We give them hard problems to work on
  3. We trust them to be outstanding

Hex Trust is an institutional digital asset custody provider. Safety of our clients’ assets is of paramount importance. We were thrilled to participate in Binance SAFU Hackathon to work with the rest of blockchain community to make blockchain a safer place.

Hex Trust Team with Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of Binance
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