Introducing Hex Trust — providing institutional grade solutions for professional cryptocurrency investors

Introducing Hex Trust — providing institutional grade solutions for professional cryptocurrency investors

July 16, 2018

Hex Trust was founded by industry veterans with comprehensive knowledge on cryptocurrencies and financial systems. The team is well structured with expertise in infrastructure, on-boarding support and security acumen.

We Offer The Best-In-Class Security

Give yourself a peace of mind with our custody services.


From years of experience at the world’s top financial institutions, we understand the high standards of fund managers and professional investors, so have built our products and services from the ground up with institutional standards in mind.


Built with security, cryptography and operations best practices and standards. Your digital assets’ keys are secured through offline FIPS certified devices and cryptographic algorithms, split across multiple secure locations and hosted on multi vendor infrastructure.


We bridge the gap between traditional financial markets and crypto assets markets, helping institutions to transition between the two worlds by integrating crypto asset classes into their business operations.

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Our Services


Through our proprietary platform, we offer flexible, highly secure and confidential custody and key storage solutions for holders of cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins and ERC-20 smart contracts. Depending on your requirements, we provide flexibility for different levels of availability and security through our Frozen, Cold and ZeroKey Wallets.

Our platform integrates with underlying blockchains to provide traceability and reconciliation between assets, transactions, accounts and books, leveraging the immutable nature of the crypto assets’ native blockchains.

Our custody platform is integrated with our Fund Administration and accounting services HEX Funds, providing fully integrated funds custody solution.

Our hardened network of Nodes helps to protect our clients’ security, privacy and confidentiality.


Our team of engineers, fintech and blockchain experts provide custom blockchain, fund management, trading and security solutions for cryptocurrency holders such as ICO Platforms, Smart Contract development, System Integration, Market Data and Trading tools.

We bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency markets and the existing requirements and infrastructure of traditional investment institutions.


Managing cryptocurrency assets requires the highest levels of security standards, hygiene and hardened infrastructure. In addition to our custody services, we provide our clients with ‘out of the box’ security frameworks and infrastructures to help them adopt in-house, best in class security practices, procedures and tools to run secure and confidential cryptocurrency operations.

Subscribers to our ‘Security as a Service’, Hex Shield, get vetted wallet software, operating systems, and the network and procedures for managing secure and confidential cryptocurrency transactions in-house. To maintain ongoing security, we provide ongoing support services and vulnerability monitoring, ensuring our clients’ infrastructure stays secure and up to date.


We offer a holistic set of solutions for companies that want to launch an ICO. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their business model and make sure requirements are translated into a solid implementation plan.

Our services include the development of a business plan and technical whitepaper, legal set-up, structuring of the token sale, development of the ICO smart contract, marketing campaign, custodian services for raised funds and conversion of raised funds into FIAT currencies.

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